Prep for Shopping


Dialogue: Going Shopping

Today we learned a dialogue (conversation) that we will build on and use next week.

A: Konnichiwa! > Good day (hello)!
B: Konnichiwa! _____ o kudasai. > Good day! One ____ please!
A: ____ desu ne. Hai, douzo. > One ____, right? Here you are!
B: Arigato gozaimasu. > Thank you.
B: Douitashimashite.


Mou ichido onegai shimasu > one more time please
(could you please repeat that?)

Q: Dono kudamono ga suki desu ka > which fruit do you like?
A: ______ ga suki desu > I like _____.


Today we added a line to our song:

Japanese Lyrics:
Akino yuuhi ni teruyama momiji
Koimo usui mo kazuaru nakani
Matsuo irodoru kaedeya tsutawa
Yamano fumotono susomoyo

English Translation:
The mountain covered with autumn leaves is glowing with the sunset.
The leaves are in many shades, from dark to light.
The red maples and ivies, adding colour to the green pine trees
decorate the foot of the mountain like the skirt of a beautiful kimono.

Asking for something: onegaishimasu

We learned “o kudasai” today, but you can also ask for something by saying “onegai shimasu”. This video will explain how to use “onegai shimasu” to ask for something, and “sumimasen” (which can mean “pardon me” or “I’m sorry”).

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